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Download for MAC: Pimple Popper for Free

Download Pimple Popper for MAC computers (PC) and laptops like Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac Pro, Mac Mini, OS X, and MacOS High Sierra for free.

Whaaaa….a Pimple Popper app? Yes, it’s true! Our app is so full of ooey, gooey goodness – it’s an app you need to experience for yourself and even better when experienced together with friends! We always say – once you pop, you can’t stop! 😀 This new version includes the “classic” game and two new minigames. Get ready for some popping good times!

We thank you so much for your support! As usual, happy popping! If your friends call you nasty for playing Pimple Popper, just tell them that you’re nasty good! 😉

Room Candy Games presents Pimple Popper – a zit zapping, pimple popping, squeeze-o-rama! Three types of pimples to squeeze out – are you skilled enough to be the Master Pimple Popper?

– Three different types of pimples to squeeze, each requiring different techniques: blackheads, whiteheads, and full blown pimples. And don’t forget about the new pimple SCAB!

– You get 2 games in 1: it’s a pimple popping game plus a hidden object game. First, locate the pimples on the face, zoom in to view the pimples up close and then squeeze away!

– Realistic squeezing motion using two fingers with pimple pus oozing out. If you’ve squeezed pimples before, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. 🙂

– 8 different faces (5 females, 3 males) with increasing number of pimples to pop.

– Hilarious sound effects with each level!

– Enormous replay value as location of pimples for each level will randomize the next time you play the game.

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You can download Pimple Popper IPA file for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iPod touch from official iTunes appstore.

Download Pimple Popper for MAC

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