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Download for MAC: Sigalert.com – Live traffic reports for Free

Download Sigalert.com – Live traffic reports for MAC computers (PC) and laptops like Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac Pro, Mac Mini, OS X, and MacOS High Sierra for free.

Save time, save money, and save yourself from the hassles of traffic jams with Sigalert.com. Sigalert features constantly updated, real-time road speeds, round-the-clock traffic reports from the country’s top traffic company, and the largest network of roadside traffic cameras in the U.S. Avoid traffic with Sigalert.com.

For more than a decade, California drivers have had a secret weapon in their daily commute–Sigalert.com. In 2010, Sigalert expanded to offer its uniquely simple and powerful service in more than 75 metropolitan areas across the U.S. Now Sigalert has more users than any other online traffic service (comScore/MediaMetrix data from January 2011).

The Sigalert iPhone app is simple to use, but packed with information:

*** MORE THAN JUST RED/YELLOW/GREEN – Sigalert offers incredibly detailed speed information. Sigalert’s users know when traffic is moving 25 miles per hour and when it’s moving 40 miles per hour. Shouldn’t you?

*** CONSTANTLY UPDATED REPORTS ON ACCIDENTS, CONSTRUCTION AND TRAFFIC JAMS – Sigalert features Total Traffic data. Our 24/7 coverage of road conditions comes from hundreds of professional traffic reporters stationed in state-of-the art data centers across the U.S.

*** THE BEST TRAFFIC CAMERAS IN THE BUSINESS – Sigalert uses a custom built and curated camera network — the most extensive real-time camera coverage. You can see actual traffic conditions along your route right now.

App Features:

– Real-time traffic map
– 24/7 speed/accident/construction coverage
– Extensive traffic camera network
– Personalized routes showing ONLY the conditions on your drive
– Unmatched traffic detail with just a tap of the map
– GPS integration to automatically track you while you drive
– Shake to refresh data

Cities Covered:

New York | Los Angeles | Chicago | Atlanta | Dallas | Houston | Miami | Washington | Boston | Philadelphia | Detroit | Columbus | Orlando | Charlotte | Minneapolis | Denver | Cleveland | Memphis | Hartford | Toledo | Dayton | Harrisburg | Birmingham | Seattle | Tampa | Pittsburgh | Indianapolis | Portland | Cincinnati || Las Vegas | St. Louis | Jacksonville | Baltimore | West Palm Beach | Salt Lake City | Austin | Kansas City | San Antonio | Louisville | Providence | Raleigh | Nashville | Milwaukee | Norfolk | Greensboro | Oklahoma City | Richmond | Buffalo | Rochester | Ft. Myers | Albany | Fresno | Grand Rapids | Albuquerque | New Orleans | Allentown | Worcester | Flint | Wichita | Greenville | Little Rock | Knoxville | Mobile | Tulsa | Lexington | Charleston | Wilkes-Barre | Omaha | Springfield | Syracuse | Lancaster | Spokane | Colorado Springs | Sacramento | San Diego | San Francisco | San Jose…

More on the way!

You can download Sigalert.com – Live traffic reports IPA file for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iPod touch from official iTunes appstore.

Download Sigalert.com – Live traffic reports for MAC

Read the features and instructions before downloading Sigalert.com – Live traffic reports app or game to your Mac device.